The Future of Content Marketing


I'm excited to share that I had the privileged to attend the 2017 Social Media Marketing World Conference #SMMW17 in beautiful San Diego.

The speakers and topics on top social media marketing trends were very engaging. It was truly hard to choose between sessions.

There was one particular theme that caught my attention: The Future of Content Marketing. All the speakers seem to have their own opinion of key strategies and new trends to master the art and science of content marketing.

I can summarize the main trends as:

  1. Creating content for multiple media platforms, including digital, social media and traditional media outlets.

  2. Mastering key strategies for effective story telling.

  3. Understanding and using analytics to make informed content decisions.

  4. Keeping up to date with VR, AI and "bot" solutions to facilitate everyday tasks through automation.

  5. Increase engagement by standing out through relevant content that generates value.

Since I find this topic fascinating, I decided to interview several #SMMW17 speakers and top industry leaders on the Future of Content Marketing, so you can continue to refine your marketing strategies and improve your campaign results.

Watch the 2min video that summarizes my interviews with:

  • Josh Elledge - Founder,

  • Park Howell - Founder, Business of a Story

  • Ian Cleary - Founder, RazorSocial

  • Dennis Yu - Chief Technology Officer BlitzMetrics

  • Bryan Kramer - CEO, PureMatter

  • Mark Schaefer - Consultant, BusinessGrow

  • Guy Kawasaki - Chief Evangelist, Canva